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1 800 Contacts Acquires 400,000 New Consumer Leads Via Email

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1 800 Contacts Acquires 400,000 New Consumer Leads Via Email

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CUSTOMER ACQUISITION VIA EMAILMadrivo provides quality email traffic that connects new engaged consumers to reputable brands.

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WHY EMAIL MARKETING?RETURN PER $1 AD SPENDEmail = $42Display = $19Print = $11Television = $7Search = $2.75

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VIRTUALLY ZERO FRAUDAverage Fraud Online (WSJ 2017)Fraud 34%Legitimate 66%Industry AverageLegitimate Consumers 99.94%Fraud 0.06%

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NEW CUSTOMERS ACQUIRED FOR BRANDS2014 - Present2 Million3 Million4 Million3.3 Million2014201520162017NEW CUSTOMERS ACQUIRED FOR BRANDS BY MADRIVO

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IF THE RETURNS ARE SO HIGH, WHY DOESN’T EVERYONE USE EMAIL MARKETING TO ACQUIRE NEW CUSTOMERS?‣Few players can actually execute commercial email marketing profitably, strategically, and ethically like Madrivo. The selection of customer metrics, data-driven targeting, publishing partners, reputable offers, policies and procedures, and adherence to the highest legal and ethical standards comprise the highest returning marketing campaign.

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WHAT IS THE KEY TO SUCCESSFUL EMAIL MARKETING?‣Data segmentation and predictive analytics •Hundreds of data points on hundreds of millions of consumers going back over a decade •A well planned cadence of content driven, transactional, and promotional emails •Behavioral learning and optimization of advertisements based on predictive analytics ‣Brand protection and expansion •View case studies in financial services, premium consumer offerings, and home services to understand how Madrivo secures brand reputation while driving significant advertising volume to brands ‣Scalability •Madrivo has proven to scale from 0 to over 10k leads in the first week ‣Fraud control •99% of leads are validated and actionable

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PROSPECTS ACQUISITIONPartnerships with a few hundred targeted and reputable lead-generation websites and publishers.How are emails sourced04 Automotive: ‣ New Car Leads ‣ Used Car Leads ‣ Warranty02 Home Services: ‣Security ‣Cable TV ‣Home Improvement ‣Warranty01 Finance: ‣ Mortgage ‣ Credit Cards ‣ Auto Loans03 Insurance: ‣ Auto ‣ Life ‣ Health ‣ MedicareLead generation vertical examples:

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CONSUMER ENGAGEMENT01 Madrivo’s goal is to connect engaged consumers with valuable brands through targeted ads that improve their quality of life. 02 Our Email teams specialize in effective communication and engagement with the targeted consumers via a planned series of emails, that are proven to increase ROI while maintaining the highest level of consumer engagement. 03 Madrivo’s Techtelligence™ process provides predictive analytics that allows our email teams to reach the targeted consumer with the right message, at the perfect time. The result is loyal consumers with high lifetime value to the brand. Madrivo was named the “number one publisher in terms of average consumer lifetime value” by Fortune 500 companies.

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CONSUMER SEGMENTATIONEngagement •Sophisticated algorithms to track consumer behavior and predict future engagement •Spatial and temporal analysis resulting is high response rates •Individual behavior learning leading to refined marketing strategies that result in more engaged consumersElimination •All users clicking on SPAM, JUNK or unsubscribe are immediately suppressed •Consumers are suppressed globally, meaning that all publishing partners are unable to access consumers, for any advertisement, if the consumer wishes to be excluded

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CONSUMER MAINTENANCEReal time information feeds •Data feedback loops are the means to overlay and append the behavior of each consumer •Direct advertising relationships allow Madrivo to cleanly import transactional information and to use it to overlay demographic and psychographic information •This process adds to or appends the current understanding of the consumerFiltration •An industry leading, third-party filtration process is used prior to an opt-out confirming email •A double opt-in process is employed to confirm the initial opt-in •Only highly engaged consumers are contacted •Only clean IP and Domain Resources are utilized

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OPTIMIZATIONBehavioral and financial analysis •Transparent Reporting •Open, click and conversion rate analytics •Analysis of subject, from and creative attributesExclusive advertiser perks •Proprietary optimization and reporting •Constant testing through real-time deployment •Price control - organized market, maximizing leads for dollar spent •Compliance and quality accountability - low complaints

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WHAT DO WE NEED TO EXECUTE QUICKLY?‣Competitive and predictable CPL bounty ‣Defined payable action ‣Diversified assets ‣Transparency of backend analytics ‣Non-restrictive budgets ‣Timely payments ‣Ease of use •Real Time Pixel Placement &Tracking •Streamlined publisher additions •Feedback Loops and Collaboration

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COMPLIANCE01 Vetting email publishers ‣ All publishing partners go through a 12-step, rigorous and thorough review of their email practices, IPs, sending domains, past content and creatives used in previous email sends. 02 Policing and enforcing email compliance ‣ Madrivo has access to over 150,000 email seeds that track millions of emails daily. Our technology allows us to programmatically ensure that all content, images, links and headers are done within our approved parameters ‣ We practice a zero tolerance policy that allows us to hold‣ all parties accountable and ensure compliant and problem-free campaigns.03 All advertisement and delivery attributes are reviewed by a licensed Madrivo attorney for CAN-SPAM and truth in advertising compliance: ‣ Subject lines, from lines, email and landing page creative content, privacy links, terms of use, opt-out links, claims and testimonials, etc.04 Additional ethical audits are performed in accordance with the policies and procedures manual revised at the end of 2013. (see next slide for details)

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CAN-SPAM ACT 200301 The sender must be identified in the header information in commercial emails and under CAN-SPAM, the “Sender” is defined as the party that !initiates the email and is the owner of the product or service advertised in the email.02 Advertiser’s name will be the party advertised in the email, so to fully comply with the law, Advertiser’s name needs to be identified in the From line.03 California Business & Professional Code Section 17529.5, which has been interpreted through various CA court cases, indicates that the advertiser needs to be identified in the From line as to make the email non-deceptive.04 Best practices require the consumer to know the type of advertisement before opening to reduce consumer complaints.05 The inclusion of Advertiser’s name in the From line will greatly increase open rates as consumers recognize the brand and will be more likely to open and read the advertisement.

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WHY DO YOU WORK WITH US?“Madrivo’s quality is unmatched when it comes to New Customer Lifetime Value. Email is the most cost effective channel for new client acquisition for Fidelity Life, and Madrivo is at the top of the charts. They have the top in-house email marketers, great account management support and a team of people that respond to every need you have in minutes. Working with Madrivo is one of the best things you will do for your brand!”

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WHY DO YOU WORK WITH US?"We have been working with Madrivo for a very long time and could not be happier with the service as well as the support that they offer. Madrivo has an amazing team full of dedicated, excited, and high quality professionals, who will go above and beyond to make sure their partners are satisfied. Working with Madrivo has been an absolute pleasure as it has been both a strong business relationship as well as an incredible partnership for a number of years that has led to over 80k leads to our campaigns.”

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WHY DO YOU WORK WITH US?"Working with Madrivo has always proved to be not only easy but extremely efficient. The quality of traffic, the responsiveness from their CS team, and the consistent MoM growth they add to our company has always made working with them and providing them with what they need to be successful a no-brainer from BARK.”

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WHY DO YOU WORK WITH US?“Madrivo is an innovative growth company with powerful momentum behind it. Since our partnership began 6 years ago it has been a success, in part due to their technology and team. It has been an absolute pleasure working along side Ninfa. The expertise and guidance that Ninfa has provided has propelled our distribution and profitability forward. It’s my pleasure to call Madrivo a partner and Ninfa a friend.”

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WHY DO YOU WORK WITH US?"The Madrivo Team really takes the time to understand the needs of my campaigns, from a targeting and back-end metrics perspective. They care deeply about making the campaigns successful, lending their expertise and partnership relationships to make it happen. It’s a team approach that is a pleasure to work with!”

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