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Madrivo Employee Benefits Booklet

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Employee Benefits Package

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Benefits 401k Madrivo will match 100 of the employee s contribution up to 4 of the employees annual salary MEDICAL Madrivo offers all employees a generous medical benefit package with Aetna Madrivo covers 100 of the cost for employee only coverage or 60 of all employee family packages D E N TA L V I S I O N Madrivo offers a dental vision package with costs starting at 21 00 for employee only packages PA I D VA C AT I O N Madrivo employees are offered ten paid holiday days per year which includes all major holidays Christmas Thanksgiving New Year s 4th of July etc Full time employees earn 12 15 paid vacation days per year based on employees tenure with the company In addition Madrivo offers flexible schedules for employees

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Additional Benefits WINNING MINDSET Madrivo upholds a high level of clarity and transparency and with frequent meetings around performance we ve created a goal oriented culture of high performance that brings fulfillment and abundance for the team and all individuals CA RE E R A DVA N C E M E NT Madrivo s executive team makes a point to promote from within for available positions whenever possible We are also diligent in training employees so that they are empowered to grow within their role as the company grows without a glass ceiling TEAM OUTINGS Madrivo s entire team joins together at least once a month for off site team building activities We ve frequented local hotspots like Top Golf Pinot s Palette and Live Escape Room as well as volunteers at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission Three Square and Nevada Plantation for Homeliness Youth A N N U A L R E T R E AT Each year the Madrivo team embarks on a retreat which serves as both a team building and personal development opportunity Past venues include a private mountain lodge in Utah an all inclusive cruise to Mexico and an action packed adventure resort in Zion National Park PERSONAL PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT TRAININGS One a quarter Madrivo hosts a team building workshop that will encourage personal growth These workshops focus on topics that are critical to our success as a team and as individuals such as communication accountability and organization to nutrition and personal finance MADRIVO BUCKS REWARD PROGRAM Madrivo s culture revolves around our core values Employees are recognized and rewarded for exemplifying these core values on a daily basis with MadrivoBucks MadrivoBucks can be spent on items such as t shirts hats hoodies Snuggies Hydroflasks as well as exciting excursions T H U RS DAY A F T E R N O O N S Twice a month on Thursday afternoons we set aside time to gather as a team and do something fun Some of the activities include Yoga Pictionary meditation fitness classes and wine appreciation

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Testimonials GLASSDOOR REVIEWS The following statements were submitted by former and current employees on the company s Glassdoor profile Vibrant company culture amazing new office executive and senior team are willing to go above and beyond to help all new hires hands off work style aka all employees have an owner mentality weekly inclusive company meetings and weekly lunches group activities like yoga Pictionary etc F O R M E R E M P L O Y E E 1 Y E A R Awesome company with a lot of heart Madrivo has very high expectations of employees but teams are well rewarded for their successes The environment is friendly and family like with everyone supporting and encouraging each other The culture inspires a healthy lifestyle giving back to the community and maintaining a company that is ethical has integrity and high standards FORMER EMPLOYEE 3 YE ARS Challenging yet exciting work environment with a lot of career growth potential for everyone who is hired I started as the receptionist 5 years ago and I am currently a member of the executive team CURRENT EMPLOYEE 5 YE ARS C U LT U R E H A C K A S S E S S M E N T The following statements were made by employees when completing an anonymous survey that assessed Madrivo s company culture Management works really hard to build our culture Extremely positive culture Very kind and welcoming team members There was a clear and precise learning path to become acclimated to my position You are paid based on your performance at this company My direct manager is very inspiring as she is exemplary at her position which in turn makes me want to be better at my own position

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