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Madrivo Media Kit

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ABOUT MADRIVO Madrivo helps you find new engaged customers online by deploying email display video and mobile ads through a network of super affiliates most of which are EXCLUSIVE to Madrivo

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WHY MADRIVO 4 Million 3 3 Million 3 Million 2017 2016 2015 2 Million 2014 The global digital ad spend is expected to amount to more than 335 billion U S dollars by 2020 Whether a small company or a large enterprise Madrivo s exclusive access to proven traffic sources results in a higher ROI for advertisers NEW CUSTOMERS ACQUIRED BY MADRIVO FOR BRANDS 2014 Present

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LEAD GENERATION This year Madrivo delivered over 4 million new customers across 7 of the largest online verticals Madrivo provides more than 1 800 global companies with enhanced customer acquisition strategies Companies ranging from 500k to over 6 billion in annual income benefit from the targeted distribution capabilities formulated and executed through Madrivo s affiliate network 1 6m 1 2m 562k 498k 331k 211k 20k Number of New Customers Acquired by Madrivo this year

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DISTINGUISHED AFFILIATES Madrivo has the most direct affiliates compared to any other private network many of which are exclusive traffic sources OPTIMIZATION Last year Madrivo delivered more than 33 9 Billion impressions and over 4 Million leads through relevant COMPLIANCE engaging and converting offers Madrivo s fraud rate is 0 06 which is 28 times less than the industry average

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MEDIA CHANNELS On average people consume 10 hours of online media daily Madrivo helps brands engage with consumers through media access points with the highest traffic volume Email DIGITAL MEDIA Email marketing has a 4400 ROI and 44 for every 1 spent Mobile About 53 of emails are opened on mobile devices Display Native ads that include rich media boost conversion rates by up to 60 Source Social Times Video Marketers who use video grow revenue 49 faster than non video users Social On the most popular social media site desktop ads have 8 1x higher click through rates and mobile ads have 9 1x higher clickthrough rates than normal web ads Search 43 of website traffic is driven by social rankings

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BRAND PORTFOLIO Madrivo s clientele include a wide range of household brands with proven offers across the highest yielding industries Madrivo provides affiliates access to the largest selection of unique offers many of which are exclusive and direct Techtelligence Madrivo s proprietary analytics tool increases EPC by 30

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STRATEGIC PARTNERS Using the right tools for the job is central to the success of a campaign Madrivo has close partners in the following sectors to Email Validation Data Cleaning 98 deliverability Reduce bounce rates Spam trap and abuse detection ESP Consulting Best Deliverability for top ISPs Valuable and proactive feedback for individual clients to ensure longevity of accounts Invaluable guidelines for best offers data ratios creatives and compliance to optimize and grow accounts Technical Resources for Affiliates Support allocation to software licensing domains and IP resources 24 7 with troubleshooting technical setup architecture optimization and much more Dedicated servers any platform with highly flexible specs to suit your every need

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INDUSTRY RECOGNITION Madrivo was named one of the Top 15 fastest growing private marketing advertising companies in the US with revenues over 25 million Madrivo is rated twice in mThink s Top 5 CPA Networks Madrivo is a two time MARCOM Gold Award Winner for Email Advertising Best Direct Response Campaign for Email Top 101 Best Company to Work For 5 Star Affiliate Network Best Network in Affiliate Satisfaction Recognition of Outstanding Internet Achievement DIGIDAY 101 BEST BRIGHTEST AFFILIATE PAYING AFFY AWARDS AFFY AWARDS

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ABOUT MADRIVO Madrivo helps you find new engaged customers online by deploying email display video and mobile ads through a network of super affiliates most of which are EXCLUSIVE to Madrivo

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